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Good Results in Clash of Clans with Defending the Mortar

Defensive strategy will make the village recover faster from the opponent’s onslaught and can be best done by protecting the mortar. The location of the mortar is a very vital aspect in the Clash of Clans village of the player. Mortars generally have the ability to defend the territory around them very effectively. But in… Read more »

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    Buying Instagram Followers, A Business Investment ?

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    Most people ask whether buying followers, comments and likes on Instagram is a scam or not? Well it depends on who is buying followers on Instagram and for what purpose? By many bloggers it is considered very “immoral” and a sort of “cheating” if they are gaining opportunity and recognition on the basis of getting traffic which they have paid for. It is a risk and a danger to the authenticity and credibility of any blogger to whom people look for recommendation and consideration.

    buy active instagram followersNow let`s talk about the business point of view of buying real Instagram followers. First of all, why Instagram? Instagram is one of the most widely used social networking websites in the world with more than a 150 million people posting and sharing their videos and photos on Instagram on an annual basis. This social platform has also become a widely distributed point of advertisement and sponsorship as well. if anyone makes it big on Instagram then you have more than enough opportunity to get your business out in the open. What buying followers on Instagram plays for business? The answer to that is that these services give people who are starting out an opportunity to create a startup solid base of audience to make it big in the world.

    These followers and likes increase the traffic on their photos, videos and profile which in turn brings them the publicity they need. From business point of view to buy active instagram followers seems a very profitable deal and it isn’t as morally inappropriate as it is for a blogger because this comes under the marketing tactics and almost every company goes with this strategy in order to make a statement and what better platform than the plaguing social media.

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    What to look for in Toyota Car Dealers

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    Toyota as a car brand has been in the industry for decades and is well known world wide. Many people prefer to ride on Toyota cars like a 2017 toyota prius. Most of the cars by Toyota group are of high quality and that is why they are preferred by many. Having this in mind, what is it that you need to look for in Toyota car dealers? In order to be able to get a wider market, Toyota company has given dealership to some of the car sellers are some of the qualities that you need to be looking for in Toyota car dealers.

    2017 toyota prius

    Are they genuine

    The world has moved many steps ahead and so many things have also moved with it . Today there are so many things that are not genuine yet they are being sold as genuine. This is the reason why one must have a second look at what they are buying online or even offline. When looking for Toyota car dealers the first thing that should be on your mind is whether the dealers are genuine by confirming if indeed the Toyota cars that they are selling are from Toyota or they are just branding. You really need to be sure that you are not getting a fake 2017 toyota prius.

    Time in the industry

    The time that a company stays in an industry is very important because they get to learn a lot. From the beginning they may have made a lot of mistakes, but the chances that they have learnt from it is high. The more one stays in an industry the more he or she masters the trade. Toyota car dealers who have been in the industry for some time  are able to tell between a fake Toyota car and genuine one even if the similarities are real.





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    Black Castor Oil Hair Food- An Acute Cure for Hairs

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    In today’s era almost everyone is having a stressful life and when you are stressed, you may observe some signs in your body like feeling tired, having severe headache etc. Stress can cause major hair loss too. Some hair fall is normal but excessive hair loss is an indication of disturbance of your natural hair growth.

    castor oilThere are many black castor oil hair foods available in the market and you can get their information online and check their reviews too. These foods have mainly black castor oil and natural plant wax. These foods help to make your hair longer, heavier and bulkier. They also assist to manage frizzy hairs, dandruff, reducing hair fall, tear ends, and hair breakage etc. You may also use it in your daily hair treatment with warm castor oil. It also curls in moisture and gives a good polish to the hairs and encourages the growth of strong hair.

    Steps of using black castor oil hair food:-

    1. Apply this to moisturize the scalp 2-3 times in a week or as much when it is needed to moisturize;


    1. Warm 3 table spoon of the castor oil food and rub into hairs for half an hour;
    • Put a heating cap and use dryer on that cap for 10 minutes.

    black castor oil hair foods is made up of scorched ashes of the castor beans, this is dark in color. This oil food is more beneficial than normal castor oil because of burning the castor beans. This oil food also gives sustenance to your scalp and removes toxins and is antiseptic. Its smell is sometimes unbearable but if you can bear or ignore its smell, this is the best product for your hairs. Say bye-bye to hair problems!!



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    Designing of Government Offices and Banks using Interior Designing

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    Interior designers the world over are assisting various government and related departments to increase the look and productivity of the government offices. In most of the countries the government offices are very old and have historical relevance to its identity. Hence replacing them completely with new ones would be a big mistake resulting in the government machinery turning to the interior designers to make suitable changes to its interiors and at the same time not affecting the exterior look and appearance.

    Interior designers have to be very precise in their work as far as government buildings are concerned since a bad precedent of design can have a very disastrous effect on the career of the interior designer and also put to inconvenience the various and vast number of users of government buildings.

    interior designersProviding modern facilities and equally giving importance to the aesthetic value of old buildings is a very important aspect that the interior designer should aim to achieve. New proposed government buildings are not difficult work areas for interior designer since they are involved right from the conceptual stages to the execution and finishing stage.

    The interior design of banks and other financial institutions primarily involves the seating of bank employees and customers of the bank and the security of the bank with adequate care being taken to the placement of cash chest and locker away from the common approach of the bank customers. The interior walls have to be strong and adequate precaution as far as fire safety is to be taken by the interior designers to make sure that there is no loss of life and damage to property in case of fire in a bank. Proper provision for keeping all the records and good facilities to store them for a long period of time is also required to be achieved with good interior design.

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    SEO conference- Strategy for Video Marketing Success

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    Several conferences were held for different Wings of SEO concepts. The one conference on SEO dealing with interactive marketing or video marketing had its share of views and debates. The theme was based around the word viral. No word in the interactive Marketing lexicon derailed the strategic thinking as effectively as the word viral. All speakers at the conference were of the opinion that viral is a severely misunderstood concept to read a video. Not all videos go viral or have the same outreach but it does not mean that they have not achieved the purpose for which they are being made.

    seo conference

    All leading strategists are of the opinion that good interactive video strategies don’t just rely upon massive numbers of views. From video search Optimization to interactive engagements video offers opportunities that go far beyond the realm of the limitations of viral video strategies. There is a general opinion that the word viral is more often than not misused. A good video is nothing but a good or contextual or relevant material.

    Making a good quality video is all about having a plan which is creative in context. Optimized in the initial stage itself then comes the phase of distribution and promotion of the video, after the video is promoted comes the time to measure what matters the most as many learned people at the conference describe the video plan having its roots in the trigger event which will make or break the endeavor or strategy of video marketing. Technically and aesthetically designed videos generally have more views compared to ordinary ones. The size of the video also impacts the number of views directly. The videos which are short and to the point having high definition graphics have the maximum impact when it comes to success of the initiative.

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    August Will Start With Leftovers

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    Can you remember how many days are in August? Do you know what number it is cause I bet you know that March is the 3rd month and December is 12th. It’s 31 days and the 8th month so you don’t go crazy or don’t know the rhyme. The Olympics start this month on day 8. In common years, no other month starts on the same day of the week as August but in leap year February does.This is the month that starts harvest. Before grocery stores and fresh markets, the store houses were emptying and people were starving by the end of July. They welcomed August as the month to replenish and were thankful.

    From my garden—-Chicken Eggplant Medley

    Directions—dump everything in a pan and cook till tender. I added salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil.

    The Bouquet is from my flower garden.

    This is National Elvis Tribute Week. What are you doing for him? Kids are going back to school and sports practices start. The school band will be training new members and by the end of August it will hopefully harmonize. The Pro Football Hall of Fame kicks off football season. It’s National Immunizations Month. Are you going to the Edinburg Arts Festival? I’m just going to sit down and ring in the month of harvest–well–with a fibrous diet.

    Served with Mac N Cheese. Sweet tea too of course.

    Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769. Hawaii became the 50th state in 1959. I will have tomatoes from my garden.

    Martha Stewart was born on August 3rd. Martha has organized my house many times and she would be proud of my dinner table tonight.

    Marilyn Monroe died and my father never got over it. Mom fixed him dinner. I had chocolate.

    August 4, 1944 Anne Frank was found by the Germans. I read her book and have never gotten over it. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed in 1945 and it brought about the end of WW2.  WW1 started and August is the month that Iraq invaded Kuwait. So remember to be thankful and hug your loved ones.

    Happy August to you all. I wish for you peace and a bountiful harvest from your vegetable gardens or your flower gardens. I wish for you love and contentment. I wish for you to take some of these tomatoes.

    From Wikipedia:

    In Swedish, the month is named augusti, literally plural of the Latin augustus – “the venerable”.In Finnish, the month is called elokuu, meaning “month of reaping” or literally, “month of life”. In Irish, August is known as Lúnasa, a modern rendition of Lughnasadh, from the god Lugh.The first Monday in August is a holiday in the Republic of Ireland.In Polish, the month is called sierpień, meaning “month of sickle”. In French, the month is called août.In Portuguese, Spanish and Italian, the month is called agosto. In Japanese, the month is called hachigatsu, meaning, simply, “eighth month.”In Russian, the month is called Avgust. In Greek, the month is called Augoustos (Αύγουστος’)In Dutch, the month is called Augustus. In Latvian, the month is called AugustsIn Lithuanian, the month is called rugpjūtis. In Welsh, the month is called Awst. In Croatian, the month is called kolovoz.

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    Avoid Bankruptcy Scammers While Looking for Bankruptcy Lawyer

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    It seems that whenever folks are desperate for help there is always a potential for unscrupulous entities swooping in. For example, in a recent case in Detroit, MI a petition preparer was sentenced to four (4) years in prison for violating various bankruptcy court orders.

    In 2012, a Maryland individual who posed as an attorney and filed numerous cases was shutdown by the the Maryland bankruptcy court and ordered to pay hundreds of thousands in fines. This individual had apparently even decorated his office with law books to create an air of legitimacy.

    How to Avoid Scammers

    Avoid providers with suspiciously low prices!The first thing to watch out for is extremely low prices that appear too good to be true. I firmly believe a knowledgeable lawyer running a business will value his or her services accordingly. Hence, when the fee charged is ridiculously low you should be concerned. The Maryland individual referred to above advertised prices that were significantly the norm and this was probably attracted unsuspecting debtors who thought they were getting a great deal.

    Are you going to be dealing with an attorney or a paralegal? Are you going to have your questions answered by an attorney or will you get the run around? We all know what it is like to have burning a question about something you need and to feel ignored! It can be exasperating.

    Avoid providers without a local office you can go to!This warning comes from experience from some of the people I have spoken to over the years. Several individuals have contacted mad as hell because they paid several hundred dollars if not thousands to a paper boy who was supposed to take their information and documents back to an office for processing. While I recognize we are in 2014 and technology allows us to do amazing things, I am wary of a situation where you cannot meet with your lawyer face to face if need be. I will be the first to admit that in certain circumstances, I have accommodated clients with special needs, but that is vastly different than using paper boys as a matter of course.

    Avoid a bankruptcy Petition Preparer who charges more than $200.00!The truth is the amount a bankruptcy petition preparer is allowed to charge is below the amount listed above, but if the amount is higher it should raise red flags. Why? You are overpaying for a typist! I have sat on meeting of creditors where the debtor paid a preparer close to or more than $1,000.00 only to have the trustee say the petition has significant mistakes. At that fee, you can get a competent lawyer to represent you.

    If things are so tight turn to low bono or pro bono organizations!Low bono refers to programs where bankruptcy lawyers like myself agree to take a case for a reduce fee. The Maryland Bankruptcy Court has a list of low bono attorneys you can access. Go to the court’s website in your state. You are more likely to get more bang for your buck hiring a low bono lawyer than paying a preparer.

    The Maryland bankruptcy court and the local bankruptcy lawyers run what is known as the Debtor Assistance Program. This programs offers free legal advice to individuals who are representing themselves in their bankruptcy cases. If you have to file without a lawyer do not go it alone! Invest some time in the DAP program to educate yourself and avoid mistakes.

    Pro bono organizations provide free legal services to those who qualify. For example, I volunteer with Maryland Volunteer Lawyer Service and file a couple of bankruptcy cases for really deserving people each year. Therefore, that is a good resource to turn to and if you qualify we just might work together.

    If you are not a Maryland resident, you can contact the clerk’s office in your jurisdiction for more information about low bono and pro bono resources as a starting point. Most states have similar programs.

    This is a brief overview of a complex legal topic and it is important that you consult knowledgeable bankruptcy counsel before taking action.

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    Essential Gardening Gear For All Seasons

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    Gardening can be one of the most rewarding activities on earth. You spend time outdoors, you get to play in the dirt and when you’re done, you have something beautiful to show off to the world.

    As the calendar turns toward spring, you may be itching to sink your hands into the soil. You’ll start planning for beautiful flowers and tasty fruits and vegetables. But you’ll want to make sure all your gardening gear is ready to go.

    Here are 3 suggestions for useful gear that will keep you comfortable throughout the seasons.

    Comfortable and Waterproof Boots

    Your feet come first. Whether you have a small garden or several acres, you’ll want comfortable boots that let you keep going all day.

    In the spring and fall, you may have colder temperatures and rainy and muddy conditions. You’ll want boots that keep the water out and your feet nice and warm. Look for boots that are made of 100% waterproof material.

    You may also want a boot or gardening shoe that’s resistant to fertilizers, salt water, household cleansers, and grass stains. And non-slip soles will give you plenty of traction in muddy and rainy weather.

    In the summer, you’ll probably work up a sweat in your garden. Boots made of breathable neoprene keep your feet from overheating. You’ll probably want to invest in boots or shoes with an odor-resistant sockliner that prevents fungus and bacteria from growing.

    Protection From the Sun

    Even for those gardeners in more northern climates, the sun can get pretty fierce during the summer months. You can combat the heat and sun damage in two ways.

    Plan gardening activities for earlier morning, later afternoon and early evening hours. Since the sun’s rays are not directly overhead, you can often find ways to stay out of direct sunlight.

    Protect yourself from harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays by wearing sunscreen (even on cloudy days), and donning a hat with at least a 3 inch brim. Baseball caps and visors can leave your neck and ears exposed to the sun.

    You’ll also want to wear light, breathable clothing that covers exposed skin. A good pair of gardening gloves is a must. You’ll save the backs of your hands from sun damage and keep your fingers and nails looking and feeling great.

    Save Your Knees

    Unless you’re working on raised beds, you’ll probably have to get down on your knees to garden. And as you get older, your knees will probably start protesting a little.

    Protect your knees by using foam kneeling pads or specialty knee pads. You’ll also find chaps for gardeners. Similar to those worn by cowboys, these keep your pants clean and dry. Many models include built-in knee pads that won’t restrict movement or circulation and stay in place while you work.

    Get your muscles and joints moving with a light warmup. While gardening, take frequent breaks from kneeling to stand and stretch. At the end of the day, a hot bath can help ease the soreness.

    Whether you’ve just started digging in the dirt or are a seasoned veteran, invest in a few pieces of quality gear for gardening. Your body will thank you and you can enjoy your favorite hobby for years and years.

    If you get just one piece of gear for gardening, consider a high quality pair of boots such as Bogs boots for women. They’ll keep your feet warm and dry in colder conditions, and have a liner that lets your feet breathe in warmer months. Check out the great colors and patterns!

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    Diabetes within canines is mainly diet plan associated

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    (NaturalNews) Normal visitors associated with NaturalNews are conscious which diabetes within people may end up being diet plan associated in several, otherwise the majority of, instances. It appears sensible in order to presume exactly the same pertains to canines. Although diet plan on it’s own can’t be held accountable for each solitary diabetic situation, in case your canine comes with an harmful diet plan, there’s small wish to be wholesome.

    Diabetes is recognized as through popular medication to become not curable and also to need normal insulin. However, as soon as a healthy diet plan is actually put in place, numerous signs and symptoms clean up, such as bad glucose levels. The residual instances may usually observe a noticable difference.

    What exactly is actually wholesome canine meals? Unlike well-liked viewpoint, it’s not industrial canine meals. There are numerous explanations why:

    1. Within nearly all instances, industrial canine meals consists of low quality beef, generally beef by-products from the making grow. What this means is the actual proteins therefore required through canines isn’t obtainable. The actual nutrient chromium is important within controlling blood sugar amounts. Zero chromium do not just result in diabetes. Anxiety as well as depressive disorders may also seem. Packaged meals tend to be lower in this particular important nutrient, because tend to be many more. However it will come in high quality uncooked muscle mass beef, lean meats along with other organic meals.

    two. In order to mass away this particular low quality bottom, an inexpensive for filler injections is actually additional. This is something that happens to be inexpensive about the globe marketplace. It had been sugars for some time. However generally it is any kind of carb. Carbs tend to be changed into sugars upon digestive function. Bad with regard to diabetes sufferers.

    3. In order to absorb meals correctly, to manage insulin as well as glucose levels, nutrients are needed. Nutrients are just contained in uncooked meals. Industrial canine meals is actually prepared, frequently from severe temps as well as demands.

    four. The actual extremely poisonous chemical substances, usually prohibited within human being meals however put into industrial canine meals, consist of remote as well as artificial nutrition (mostly undigestible), colors, flavors, consistency boosters as well as chemical preservatives. These types of perform absolutely nothing in order to motivate a proper canine.

    Before you possess the diet plan categorized away, there’s small stage within dealing with the actual diabetes. When the diet plan may be the single trigger, you will notice the come back of the aged canine, or even more most likely the more healthy canine than in the past. Occasionally there’s a de-toxing time period on the diet plan alter more than.

    You might need assistance whilst this method happens, as it can certainly appear your own dog’s wellness is actually going for a change for that most detrimental.

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    Brain Injury – An Understanding Of The Disease Helping You Know What You Can Do

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    Traumatic brain injury is the common category that occurs with the maximum instances following head injury or physical trauma from an external source. Brain injury comes about all of a sudden without giving any warning. In a moment life is altered everlastingly. Every day we take part in activities which produce never-ending risks for undergoing brain injuries – events encompass an accident with the car as you drive to market, a tumble from your motorcycle or a knock at the head. Brain injury is considered as an important societal and medical concern during the past 30 years. As the medical technology advances, a number of people who would be dead are now alive with grave brain injuries. Sometimes, emotionally, socially and financially astronomical cost is incurred.

    It is assessed that the majority of traumatic brain injury occurs with young adults. They can have an average life expectancy although they will need special care. Most of the bicyclists who die every year die due to brain injuries and the majority of the severe brain injuries would be prevented if a helmet is worn.  A considerable number of persons are affected by brain injury every year and statistics imply that the brain injury incidence is twice higher in men.

    Brain Injury Effects

    The brain injury effects can be unique and varied as the persons who incur them. As brain injuries happen in different brain areas with differing degrees of gravity, no two persons will get affected exactly the identical way. A brain injury can affect an individual in many ways involving his thinking, personality, mobility or communication.

    Some common brain injury symptoms are alterations in memory, response time, concentration, initiative, planning, problem solving, insight, flexibility, anger control, behaviour, talking, emotional stability, dependence and depression. Subsequent to a brain injury, an individual can suffer these effects in any number in different degrees.

    Several people having brain injury will also get physical disabilities like paralysis of a limb, loss of hearing and/or vision. Certain people encounter speech impairment in differing degrees. Others may remain capable of speaking, but because of cognitive impairments find difficulty arranging their thoughts to make a meaningful speech. A number of persons may lose their smelling sense, put up with headaches or may have to tackle having seizures. Emotional effects differ as the individual having brain injury will experience alterations in control of emotion. This can be connected to brain injuries or related to the irritations that the individual endures as he struggles in adapting to his recent self.

    Apprehension of the injury effects together with the augmented dependency as well as loss of power over life may cause depression. A brain injury can bring about devastating social consequences. Numerous people lose their friends and have difficulty maintaining and cultivating new friendships. Such difficulties may be caused by the individual being subjected to communication problems.

    Rehabilitation and treatment for brain injuries

    Simply as there are no two persons completely alike, brain injuries are also different with different people. Proper brain injury treatment will differ in accordance with the requirements of the person. Treatments and programs change as the individual’s requirements change. An individual suffering from brain injuries may have to be transferred to various facilities all through the process of recovery. A program for rehabilitation would commonly focus on the components such as cognitive, vocational, behavioural, educational, recreation and community re-entry. The family members’ active involvement all through the process of rehabilitation is a vital component for achieving maximum success.

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    Mild and Severe Brain Injury Symptoms

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    There are two types of brain injuries and they are traumatic brain injury and acquired brain injury. Traumatic brain injury occurs when an external force injures and acquired brain injury occurs when more pressure is given to the brain. It can occur from a tumor. There are different brain injury symptoms which occur during injury.

    Brain Injury Symptoms

    A person can get physically and psychologically affected due to brain injury. There are some common brain injury symptoms which can be seen during the injury and they are loss of consciousness, dizziness, vomiting, irritability, seizures, nausea, headache, amnesia, memory impairment, moodiness, confusion, tinnitus, bad taste in mouth, blurred vision, behavioral changes, balance problems, etc.

    If the brain injury occurs in children they may not be able to express their feelings to their parents. The brain injury symptoms in children include poor performance at school, lack of interest in playing toys or other activities, cranky demeanor or listlessness, disrupted sleep, loss of appetite, etc.

    If the injury is severe then, the brain injury symptoms include comatose states, poor coordination, inexorable headaches, agitation, seizures, nausea and vomiting, slurred speech, weakness or deadness in limbs, jerking bodily movements and convulsions, dilated eyes, etc. A brain injury directly affects the personality of an individual, internal functions and physical abilities. After the injury or after several hours, the symptoms can be observed. The mild brain injury symptoms are seen in other diseases as well and so it is mistaken. Therefore, while treating this kind of injury proper diagnosis must be done.

    If brain injury is severe then, it needs proper and quick medical attention and the severe brain injury symptoms are difficulty in walking, inability to wake from sleep, coma, sweating, dilation in both pupils’ eyes, weakness in one side, deep cut in the scalp, short term memory loss, blood draining from nose or ears, open wound in the head, etc. The severe brain injury is uncontrollable. Hence, if any person has a blow to head then, he should directly contact the doctor to treat it immediately. A lot of tests are done while diagnosing for brain injury. The tests include magnetic resonance imaging, CT (computed tomography) scans, blood test, etc.

    When Medical Help is Needed?

    If a person has the above brain injury symptoms then, he should immediately go to the doctor whether it is mild or severe brain injury. The patient must be transported to the emergency room immediately if he feels that injury pain has increased. If there is a common problem then, also he must go to a physician for a checkup. The signs such as sleepiness, forgetfulness and change in behavior are also considered as a red flag. Always be alert of some symptoms which can occur due to brain injury and so there should be solution with you. Therefore, do not ignore a common symptom of brain injury and each symptom should be treated properly.

    Moreover, patients with mild brain injury can be observed at home but people having severe brain injury should be hospitalized immediately and should be taken care by doctors. Even severe brain injury patients need surgery to get rid of it. Therefore, patients of severe brain injury symptoms should be treated properly. However, sometimes doctors cannot be able to diagnose a mild brain injury as it is invisible. A mild kind of brain injury is temporary but severe brain injury can last longer. Both the injuries have good recovery if treated properly.

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    What is Aicardi Syndrome

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    This syndrome includes retinal abnormalities as well as epileptic seizures in form of immature spasms. Aicardi syndrome occurs due to deficiency of X chromosome. This syndrome is observed in boys as well as in girls with a Klinefelter syndrome. The symptoms of Aicardi syndrome appears in an infant before it grows 5 months old.  Klinefelter syndrome is also referred as 47 XXY syndromes. This syndrome includes condition in which females have an extra XX chromosome while human male have X chromosome.

    An affected individual will have least one Y chromosome and two X chromosomes. Due to this extra chromosome, an individual is referred to XXY males or 47 XXY males. Generally infants are most frequently identified with this Aicardi syndrome as they grow old up to 5 months. A considerable amount of the girls are having normal births plus seems to be normally developing until the age of 3 months and at this age they begin to have infantile spasm.  The commencement of the infantile spasm at this age is only because of the ultimate neural synapses in brain which is a normally a brain development process.

    Symptoms of Aicardi syndrome:

    Cat’s Eye:

    Aicardi syndrome symptoms are visible during the infant reaches at the age of 3 months and hence show often. The symptoms include jerking or infantile spasms which is actually a childhood seizure. Aicardi syndrome also occurs with many other brain defects. Other symptom also includes cat’s eye or coloboma. Cat’s eye is a defect of the iris of eye or can be considered as a hole. Mostly cat’s eye is visible since birth. Cat’s eye seems to be a dark black and round hole which is located in the coloured part of the iris or might be next to the iris.

    Cat’s eye gives irregular shape to the pupil. Cat’s eye causes blurred vision; create ghost image, halos, floaters, blind spots and etc. The imperfection also includes the choroid, retina or the optic nerve. Cat’s eye is diagnosed shortly after the birth. Cat’s eye can occur because of the eye surgery, any type of inherited conditions, and trauma to eye. In most of the cases of cat’s eye there are no known causes as well as are unrelated to the other abnormalities. Very small amount of people with the cat’s eye have inherited problems of development.

    Mental Retardation:

    It is also well known as intellectual and developmental disabilities. Mental retardation is a state which is diagnosed before the age of 18 years which includes low average intellectual function plus lack of all the skills which are necessary for the routine living. Causes of mental retardation may be types of infections, chromosomal abnormalities, environmental, genetic abnormalities, metabolic, malnutrition, toxic, trauma, and sometimes unexplained. The symptoms of mental retardation includes infant like behaviour, learning ability got decreased, fail to meet the intellectual development, inability to fulfil the education demands, lack or loss of curiosity and etc.

    Smaller than normal eyes:

    This is also renowned as microphthalmia. In this symptom the eyes of an individual seems to be very small as compared to the normal eye.

    Treatments of Aicardi syndrome:

    Aicardi syndrome treatment includes medical care, surgical care, consultations and diet. Medical care includes seizures which are types of epilepsy therapies. Consultation with a child neurologist is basically required during the first year of the birth. A paediatric ophthalmologist is also required in the first birth year to consult in a proper way. Diet preferred is a ketogenic diet which controls the seizures which are related with Aicardi syndrome especially infantile spasm can be indicated.